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Rian Sema Lang Yant Tee By LP Toh

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Rare and Beautiful conditioned piece with gold casing included.

[BLESSED BY] Luang Pu Toh

[TEMPLE] Wat PradooChimplee , Bangkok

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2517

[MATERIAL] Silver rian with waterproof gold case included.

[Description] Rian Lang Yant Tee Consecrated By Lp Toh in Be.2517 is a very poppular model. They only consecrated 500 pcs total which makes this rian very rare.

Block Niyom (popular block) is good for all purposes including Metta maha niyom, Business & Trading, Safety protection and avoiding misfortune.

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Tags: LP Toh, Rian
Type: Rian    
Vendor: Super Rich Thai Amulet

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