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Product Description

[ITEM] Rian Phra Roopmien Baipo

[TEMPLE] Wat Ban Rai


[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2536


[COMPETION] 1st Place Competition Piece

[DETAILS] The most popular and beautiful Luang Por Koon appearing in a Bo leaf, the batch of “Disciple from Uttaradit created” 2536 B.E. made of Nawa, created 3,000 pieces. This one placed the first at the competition on 12 July 2558 which were held by Provincial Police Region 4 at Golden Jubilee Convention Hall, Khon Kaen University. In 2535 B.E., a group of disciples from Uttaradit province got an approval from Luang Por Koon to create Luang Por Koon image appearing in a Bo leaf amulet. There were about 3,937 amulets in this batch. 72 were made of gold (two codes with running number). 466 were of silver (two codes with running number). 399 were of special Nawaloha (three codes with running number) and 3,000 were of Nawaloha (two codes no running number). Special Nawaloha was from the mixed metal which remained from casting of a principle Buddha image of Wat Banrai that Princess Somdej Pra Thep Ratana Ratchasuda who was the president of the casting ceremony. There was only one mould for this batch. The consecration ceremonies were held three times. After completion, all amulets were brought into Luang Por Koon’s dwelling and Luang Por Koon blessed all of them for the first time and the mould and codes were destroyed in front of Luang Por Koon. After that all amulets were taken to join the same consecration ceremonies of Pra Kring Yanvittayakom batch at Wat Banrai on October 4, 2535 B.E. Then, all amulets were taken back to Luang Por Koon’s dwelling again and Luang Por Koon blessed at night for two weeks. This batch was launched at the end of January 2536 B.E. at Wat Banrai and all amulets were sold out in two and half days. Multiple counterfeit versions came out at the end of 2536 B.E. Buyers should beware. This batch has been in the competition categories in every competition that were held in Nakornratchasima

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