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Rian Paya Taoruean Run Roam Phuttakhun BY LP LIEW

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Beautifully aged and colored turtle amulet by LP Liew. In great condition with clear edges. 

[ITEM] Rian Paya Taoruean Run RoamPhuttakhun

[BLESSED BY] LP Liew & LP Koon

[TEMPLE] Wat Rai Tangthong

[YEAR] B.E. 2538


[DESCRIPTION] Rian Paya Taoruean Run Roam Phuttakhun was consecrated by LP Liew and LP Koon together at Wat Rai Tangthong. LP Koon has been fascinated by LP Liew's deep knowledge of turtle amulet creations over the years. Finally, LP Koon had a chance to meet LP Liew in the year of BE. 2537 and express his admiration for LP Liew. LP Liew also admire LP Koon's work and is awe of what he has done for the people and followers of Wat Ban Rai. They agreed to come together in B.E. 2538 to consecrate this piece of rare turtle amulet together. This piece of amulet is very sough after since it is rare to have a piece of amulet blessed by 2 famous monks of Thailand. Since LP Koon's passing, has increased the demand for this amulet and thus pricing. 

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Tags: LP Liew, Rian
Type: Rian    
Vendor: Super Rich Thai Amulet

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