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Rian Paya Taoruean Run Prodnee BY LP LIEW

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Product Description

[ITEM] Rian Paya Taoruean Run Prodnee


[TEMPLE] Wat Rai Tangthong

[YEAR] B.E. 2536

[MATERIAL] Thongdang Pewfai (Copper)

[DESCRIPTION] Turtle is a kind of good fortune symbol in various cultural beliefs simply because they just kept on walking forward and onward and never backwards. The turtle is a sign of prosperity, fertility, and long life. LP Liew is an expert in Turtle amulets and has the expertise in using Turtle amulet magic to bless luck and fortune to his followers. The Rian Paya Taoruean Run Prodnee was bless and consecrated in the year of B.E. 2536 by LP Liew and his disciples. It is a extremely strong batch in wealth fetching from many various reported incident. This batch is a highly collectible batch and all LP Liew amulets are gaining extreme popularity over the years. Thus the prices of all his amulets have been continuously increasing. 

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Type: Rian    
Vendor: Super Rich Thai Amulet

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