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Phra Somdej Katok KhaoSanDam "黑米化石"

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Item is in beautiful condition. Texture and color aged well. The fossilized holy black rice is embedded nicely into the back of the amulet.  

[SIZE] 2.5X3.8cm

[BLESSED BY] Luang Pu Toh

[TEMPLE] Wat PradooChimPlee , Bangkok

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2516

[AMULET MATERIAL] Nur Phong Kesorn With Black Rice Fossil embedded on the back

[DESCRIPTION] Phra Somdej Tan-Sing was consecrated by LP Toh on B.E. 2516. There are a total of 2 different pims(Models) created with 7000pcs each blessed.  The one above smaller pim ‘Phra Somdej Katok KhaoSanDam’. The fossilized black rice, embedded on the back of the amulet, are passed down to LP Toh from past monk at Wat PradooChimPlee.  These fossilized black rice are sacred kept at the temple from generations to generations. This is a very efficacious piece that brings good luck to the wearer.

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