Phra Sivali Pim Si-Laim(Square) BY LP TOH

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Championship condition. Beautiful texture and color. The face of the phra is distinct and clear. Only 4,088pcs consecrated, rare piece.

[SIZE] 2X3.4cm

[BLESSED BY] Luang Pu Toh

[TEMPLE] Wat PradooChimPlee , Bangkok

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2521

[AMULET MATERIAL] Nur Phong Kesorn

[DESCRIPTION] This batch Phra Sivali was consecrated by LP Toh BE.2521. There are a total of 3 Phims(Models) created, Phim Si-Liam(Square) Kesorn (4,099pcs), Phim Roop-Kai(Egg/Oval) Kesorn (21,370pcs) & Phim Roop-Kai(Egg/Oval) Bailan (1,488pcs). Finding Phra Sivali Phim Si-Liam is rare and finding it in such perfect condition is close to none. Phra Sivali is noted for the efficacy in bringing in fortune to the wearer. To wear and worship Phra Sivali amulet, the wearer always lives with full of prosperity, strong wealth and luck fortune.

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