Phra Pidta Prod-Nee Lang Yant Na BY LP TOH

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Awarded 1th place finish in recent major amulet completion. A true champion piece. You can see LP hair(Gay-Sa) on the lap of the phra pidta. Extremely good color and form.

[SIZE] 2.2X2.7cm

[BLESSED BY] Luang Pu Toh

[TEMPLE] Wat PradooChimplee , Bangkok

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2521-B.E. 2523

[AMULET MATERIAL] Nur Phong Bailan With 1 Silver Takrut Insert

[DESCRIPTION] Phra Pidta Prod-nee Lang Yant Tee is one of the most popular Phra Pidta consecrated by LP Toh. This pim is highly sought after by almost all amulet enthusiast. LP Toh is considered as one of the top ten monks in Thailand of all time and he is highly respected. All his amulets are believed to bring the bearers protection, great wealth, and attraction. The demand of LP Toh’s amulets are high and thus the value are always on the rise. This batch of Pidta was blessed for 3 years from B.E. 2521- B.E. 2523 along with Phra Pidta Jumbo 2, Phra Pidta Prod-Nee Lang Yant Tee, Phra Pidta Lang Yant Sukittima.

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