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Phra Pidta Lang Yant Sukittima BY LP TOH

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Beautiful condition and color. No apparent cracks or chipping on the edges.

[SIZE] 1.8X2.3cm

[BLESSED BY] Luang Pu Toh

[TEMPLE] Wat PradooChimplee , Bangkok

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2521-B.E. 2523

[AMULET MATERIAL] Nur Phong Bailan With 1 Silver Takrut Insert

[DESCRIPTION] Phra Pidta Lang Yant Sukittima looks like a smaller sized Phra Pidta Jumbo 2. This batch of pidta was blessed for 3 years from B.E. 2521- B.E. 2523 along with Phra Pidta Jumbo 2, Phra Pidta Prod-Nee Lang Yant Tee and Phra Pidta Lang Yant Na. Many good experiences reported by the wearers. This amulet is known not only for the great protection but also the ability attract wealth and find opportunities to further progress and improve their lives.

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