Phra Pidta Jumbo 2 BY LP TOH

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Superb condition and color. Very distinctive and deep features. The reddish brown color is very highly sought after and extremely rare.


[SIZE] 2.6X3.5cm

[BLESSED BY] Luang Pu Toh

[Temple] Wat PradooChimplee , Bangkok

[Made in Year] B.E. 2521-B.E. 2523

[Amulet Material]  Nur Phong Bailan Nam Man Tang Eil (Amulet dipped in holy red wax by LP Toh to increase efficacy and preservation purposes) With Silver Takrut Insert

[Description] Phra Pidta Jumbo 2 is one of the most iconic amulet consecrated by the great LP Toh. This amulet was blessed by LP Toh from B.E.2521 – B.E.2523 during the raining season (Lent Season).  The duration of the Buddhist lent season is Thailand is 3 months out of the year. Therefore, a total of 9 months were spent blessing this amulet out of the 3 years it was kept at the temple. Many great experiences shared from the wearers of Phra Pidta Jumbo 2 making the value appreciate over time. This Phra Pidta creates wealth and luck to the wearer. Provides the strongest protection against evil and bad luck.

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