Somdej Pae Sorng(2) Pan BY LP Pae

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Product Description

[CONDITION] 3rd place finish in nationwide amulet competition in Thailand. Beautiful skin with no chips or cracks. Only 2000 pcs were consecrated. Extremely rare and valuable. Very efficacious amulet with strong metta effects.
[BLESSED BY] Luang Por Pae

[SIZE] 2.6X4cm

[TEMPLE] Wat Pikulthong, Singburi

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2511

[AMULET MATERIAL] Nur Phong Kesorn with gold, silver and pink gold takrut embedded

[DESCRIPTION] Made in Year B.E. 2511, this was the 2nd batch of Somdej Luang Phor Pae Pan series consecrated. All Pae Sorng Paan were hand pim. The materials used included 108 types of flower pollen (Nur Phong Kesorn) mixed with Luang Phor hair (Gay-Sa) and gold chips to boost its efficacy. This precious LP Pae amulet is highly sought after by all amulet enthusiast. Many great experiences including maha metta (To be greatly loved by others), maha larp (fortune) reported by the wearers.

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