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Phra Pidta Ruen Maha Som Parttana BY LP MOON

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Product Description

[ITEM] Phra Pidta Ruen Maha Som Parttana


[TEMPLE] Wat Sab Lam Yai

[YEAR] 2543

[MATERIAL] Nur Phong Puttakun Chompunutch

[DESCRIPTION] This batch of pidta was consecrated by Luang Pu Moon for 3 soild months from May/12th/2542 to August/12th/2542 before the final chanting/blessing ceremony held at Wat Sab Lam Yai. The materials of this Phra Pidta consist of Phuthakun Nur phong collected from various monks who were disciples of the late LP Kuay( Wat Kositaram) 

Nur Phong Puthakun collected from
-Left over powders from the Late LP Kuay(Wat Kositaram)
-AC Thuai(Disciple of  Late LP Kuay & LP Moon) 

The chanting ceremony was held in Wat Sab Lam Yaiwith the 8 powerful gurus of that era which were led by Lp Moon.
The list of monks involved in the ceremony were:
-LP Moon (Wat Ban Jaan)
-LP Hong (Wat Petchburi)
-LP Pian (Wat Kien Ka Tin)
-LP Ruay (Wat Tako)
-LP Lamai(Wat Pusamoonpia)
-LP Sawai(Wat Preedaram)
-AC Thuai(Wat Sab Lam Yai)
-LP Tee

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