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Phra Phuttha Chinnarat Pim Lek Long Luk Pid Thong Nur Kow BY CHAO KHUN NOR

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Product Description

[CONDITION] Perfect condition. Beautiful hand painted color to accentuate the beautiful of this model.


[SIZE] 2.3X3.6cm

[BLESSED BY] Chao Khun Nor(周冠羅)

[TEMPLE] Wat Thepsirin, Bangkok

[MADE IN YEAR] B.E. 2513

[AMULET NAME] Nur Phong Kow With LP Hair (Gay-Sa) and Gold Flake

[DESCRIPTION] Chao Khun Nor(CKN) was one of the closest advisors to King Rama 6 of Thailand. When the king passed away, Chao Khun Nor was sad and decided to become a monk to make merit for the king. He was ordained on March 23rd BE. 2468 at Wat Thepsirintahwaht, a day before King Rama 6 body was cremated. CKN was a strict vegetarian who consumed only 1 meal a day and decided never to leave monkhood. He is considered as one of the great monks of Thailand and all his amulets are highly sought after. There are many amazing stories were associated with his amulets which further increased the value of his amulets.

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